Alla Molchanov, Lic. Cosm.

Aesthetic Provider

Alla has been providing aesthetic treatments at Advanced Dermatology since February of 2003. She studied at Roselle Beauty School, completed her license in Cosmetology in 1993 and has prior training in nursing. Alla was trained in the Pan G™ Lift and now serves as a national trainer for the Pan G™ Lift. She specializes in providing skincare analysis, treatments and developing effective skincare programs for her patients at Advanced Dermatology.

Alla enjoys providing services at Advanced Dermatology because she derives great pleasure from giving her expertise to people in need of professional advice and treatment. When her work makes her patients happy, she feels that her professional goal is fulfilled. 

"Alla takes pride in her work! She is very experienced in the profession she is in, I can really see a difference in my skin after Alla gave me the treatment."  Read patient testimonials.