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Dr. Taub Letter Winter 2018 Newsletter ›

Dear patients, colleagues and friends,

As I write this it is almost Thanksgiving, but when you receive this we will be deep into winter! Everybody seems to love my travelogues so I will start with telling you about my travels!

In the late summer, I attended the 5 Continent Congress in Barcelona as a faculty member. I … Read More ›

Prescribers Choice = ADVRX Our Solution to Expensive Medications ›

As I wrote in the letter, I have been agonizing over the fact that we are in the dark about financial options for the medications we choose. We need to start having a discussion about your budget for medications, as well as trying to figure out what is best for each of you. There are … Read More ›

We have 3 new procedures for hair loss! ›

All new hair loss procedures involve providing increased growth factors to the cells that make hair. Growth Factor Infusion with Hydrafacial is a gentle water based microdermabrasion to the scalp areas of hair loss performed by one of our estheticians. This is like a massage to the scalp and it infuses the growth factors into … Read More ›

Vaginal Rejuvenation and Snoring Reduction ›

We are pleased to announce that we are providing gynecologic laser treatments that have shown to be beneficial for reduced vaginal lubrication (vaginal dryness), dyspareunia (pain with intercourse), reduced sexual pleasure and stress urinary incontinence (loss of urine when coughing, laughing or exercising).

The system we have chosen is the Dynamis SP from Fotona, a … Read More ›

Dr. Taub’s Letter, Spring/Summer 2017 ›

Dear patients, colleagues and friends,

Our winter wasn’t too bad and now that spring is here we can hopefully enjoy the outdoors. One of my favorite pastimes is walking my dog Rocky; even when it is cold out the crisp air and scenery helps remind me that nature is all around us. Easy to forget when … Read More ›

Injectable Filler in the Chin ›

The chin is becoming a very new popular area for injectable fillers. Why would we do it? As we age, the female face can go from being oval or egg shaped to more squared off due to sagging as well as losing fat and collagen around the mouth. Men who have a “weak” chin that … Read More ›

Enhancing Hair Growth ›

Hair growth is a complex biological process. You need special proteins called growth factors that stimulate cells to make new hair follicles and another set to enable the new hair follicles to grow into thicker, fuller and darker hairs. You also need good blood flow in the scalp as well as many nutrients to support … Read More ›

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