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Holiday Prep, What You Need to Know ›

Prime holiday party season is upon us, and there’s so much to get done before then. There’s RSVPs to respond to, cocktail dresses to pick out, hostess gifts to buy… and appointments to book at the dermatologist for non-invasive treatments?

Besides BOTOX®, patients are also turning to cheek fillers, body contouring, … Read More ›

Fillers for Lift in the Face ›

Fillers often lift various areas of the face as a secondary effect of volumizing. Think about a balloon that is full. It is tight and takes up a lot of space, yet when it starts to deflate, the rubber wrinkles and the shape falls. This is similar but more complicated for our faces; we … Read More ›

BOTOX® for the Upper Face ›

There are many factors that contribute to the aging human face. Some of these factors are external, but others, including the muscles under our skin, are internal. For more than six decades, scientists have known that botulinum toxin can temporarily block the ability of our nerves to communicate with our muscles. Since the … Read More ›

Creating a More Feminine Face ›

What characteristics define an attractive female face versus an attractive male face? There are several facial features that enhance femininity with one of these being that a feminine face is characterized by a heart shape or inverted triangle; this means the lower face is narrower than the upper and the jaw is tapered. This is … Read More ›

Male Aesthetic Treatments: What do Men Want for the FACE! ›

In comparison to women, men are not seeking out our dermatologic services as much; however, they represent a growing segment of the cosmetic dermatology population. Based on a recent survey posted in Cosmetic Medicine on March 14, 2016, completed by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic surgery, Americans spent more than $13.5 billion dollars towards … Read More ›

Top 5 Summer Beauty Treatments ›

Here are our top 5 Summer beauty treatments to keep you looking healthy and beautiful!

You can have these treatments even if you are tan (but, we know that our patients know how to practice sun safety!).  So, don’t wait for summer to be over to treat your skin with some of the most advanced … Read More ›


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