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Most Common Questions: Fillers

How would injectable fillers help with my (insert your concern)? Injectable fillers can add volume to areas where we have lost it, which can also soften lines. As we age, changes in fat pads, muscle, and bone cause our lower

Most Common Questions: CoolSculpting®

Do you offer CoolSculpting®? Advanced Dermatology has offered CoolSculpting® since 2010. In fact, our office was one of the first in the Chicagoland area to offer the technology. We offer the newest technology available and are one of the top


When I started working at Advanced Dermatology I quickly learned that they take photos of their employees at just about every opportunity they have. Whether it is before a treatment, after a treatment, at an event, or just a random

Bellafill® for Acne Scarring

Millions of Americans suffer from acne and a significant number of acne patients go on to develop devastating scarring. Most acne scar treatments aim to either remove or replace abnormal tissue and stimulate new collagen formation to fill in old

What to expect at a cosmetic consultation, Summer 2014 Newsletter

For many people, there comes a time when they are ready to learn about what steps can be taken to help improve their skin issues on a cosmetic level. Some issues can’t be solved with prescription creams or medications, so

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