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Get to Know Us at Advanced Dermatology: Q & A Winter 2014 Newsletter ›

Katya Hohner
Marketing Assistant

 What makes your job fun? I love my job because marketing is always changing and has many aspects to it, I am never doing the same thing. I love being able to use my creativity towards the success of both Advanced Dermatology & skinfo®. Also, my fellow employees make all … Read More ›

Get to Know Us at Advanced Dermatology: Q & A Fall 2013 Newsletter ›

Jessica Benjoya
Dermatology Clinician

What makes your job fun? 

I love coming to work everyday and seeing all of my co-workers. My Advanced Dermatology family makes the office an enjoyable place to be. We all support each other and have fun while working hard.

What skincare product … Read More ›

Welcome New Staff Fall 2013 Newsletter ›

We are excited to have Ann Cameron Schieber join our team as a Physician Assistant.  Ann Cameron graduated from New Trier High School and went on to attend Northwestern University, graduating with a degree in psychology in 2009.  Ann Cameron worked at Northwestern’s Department of Dermatology for 2 years as a Clinical Research … Read More ›

Get to Know Us: Q & A Summer 2013 ›

Elana Cole, MA

Dermatology Clinician

What is your summer go to skinfo® product?  For every day coverage, I use Colorscience Wild to Mild as a tinted primer with the added sun protection from Zinc Oxide. My favorite product to use during the summer when going to the pool or being active outside … Read More ›

Get to Know Us: Q&A Spring 2013 ›

Emily Oehler, PA-C
Physician Assistant

What is your go to sunscreen for spring?
I love using EltaMD UV Shield SPF 45 Oil-Free. It is light, non-greasy and provides excellent protection from the sun.

Besides sunscreen what should be in our “outdoor survival kit” this spring and summer?
An antioxidant … Read More ›

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