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Summer is Here!

Now that we can FINALLY start getting out and about again, I’m starting to see more interest from patients in finally dealing with their varicose and spider veins. It all starts with a consultation visit: during your visit, we will

Is it a Freckle or a Mole? How do I Know?

Patients often use these terms interchangeably, but the distinction is quite important. Those cute freckles (or ephelides) are actually induced by sun exposure, causing your melanocytes (pigment-making cells) to transfer pigment to the top layers of the skin and result

Dr. Taub’s Summer/Fall Letter 2021

Dear patients, colleagues, and friends, We are hoping that when this hits your mailbox, we will be on our way to a long summer filled with family, fun, and adventure! We’re very excited to share with you that we have

To the patients of Advanced Dermatology

As many of you are aware, Governor Pritzker will fully re-open Illinois on June 11th, and with that in mind, we want to advise our current status for Advanced Dermatology. We will for the foreseeable future require both staff and

To the patients of Advanced Dermatology

The end of this ordeal is close but let’s not blow it! As President Biden said, there appears to be a chance that by the time we get to July 4th, one of our favorite holidays, we can potentially be

Health trends during the pandemic

Study Reveals Health Habits During the Pandemic It’s been a year since the Covid-19 pandemic began – a year marked by indescribable tragedy and relentless disruption of routines for nearly every American and billions of people around the globe. No

A Letter from Dr. Taub

To the patients of Advanced Dermatology, At Advanced Dermatology we pride ourselves on consistently evolving our protocols. After taking current research into consideration as well as our day to day experiences we have made the decision to eliminate taking the

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