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The Fotona Laser is Here! ›

Exciting news, we have an amazing new laser, called Fotona. The Fotona is a multi-use laser as it has two wavelengths of light, the Nd:YAG and erbium:YAG; thus we can do anything from hair removal to treating veins to skin tightening and everything in between! We are most enthusiastic for some of the unique … Read More ›

Male Aesthetic Treatments: What do Men Want for the FACE! ›

In comparison to women, men are not seeking out our dermatologic services as much; however, they represent a growing segment of the cosmetic dermatology population. Based on a recent survey posted in Cosmetic Medicine on March 14, 2016, completed by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic surgery, Americans spent more than $13.5 billion dollars towards … Read More ›

Kybella™ ›

When I started working at Advanced Dermatology I quickly learned that they take photos of their employees at just about every opportunity they have. Whether it is before a treatment, after a treatment, at an event, or just a random photo for our Facebook pages I was the subject of many photos, including my least … Read More ›

Aging Gracefully, Newsletter Spring/Summer 2015 ›

The number one concern for people thinking about getting fillers is “looking like themselves” after they are done. We’ve all seen photos of celebrities who don’t seem to look like themselves anymore. We are familiar with the look in Hollywood, Miami and NY of women with duck-like lips and huge cheekbones.

As a BOTOX and … Read More ›

Below the Chin: Treatments for Neck and Chest, Winter 2015 Newsletter ›

Skin laxity of the neck and chest is caused by loss of collagen, elastin, fat and even muscle due to sun damage and age. Various skin-tightening procedures were first introduced a little over a decade ago, and have since been used to treat loose skin of the neck and chest. Advanced Dermatology offers many … Read More ›

Summer Sculpting, Summer 2014 Newsletter ›

As warmer temperatures are finally here, it’s time to shed those winter layers. This is the perfect time to think about getting your body ready for the pool! At Advanced Dermatology, we offer many procedures and treatments to help you achieve the body you’ve been wanting.

For fat reduction, we are excited … Read More ›

Look better in your 30’s, Spring 2014 Newsletter ›

Looking better in your thirties requires a little more work than it did in your twenties. This often means transitioning your skin care routine from a simple daily regimen of using only cosmeceutical creams to a more complex but complete regimen of combining cosmeceutical skin care creams with minor in office procedures. This combination approach … Read More ›

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