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Men’s Shaving Tips


How you shave can make a difference in your skin, appearance, and sets the tone for the day. Trial and error and observing family or friends is a good resource, but our infographic below highlights some tips and tricks that will make your shaving experience and results that much smoother!

Please feel free to share this “Shaving Tips” infographic. When you do, please give credit and link to advdermatology.com.

Shaving tips_1-01

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[…] For the average man, shaving takes about four months of his life and around 150 strokes per session to fully shave. But even though shaving has been around since the ancient Egyptians, many men still don’t know how to get a close shave. Read our guide for tips and tricks on how to get a better shave while protecting your skin. […]

[…] that takes around four months of a man’s life- many men are still in the rough when it comes to getting a close shave. Read our tips and tricks for getting the best shave while protecting your […]

What an awesome infographic! I know many people, including myself, that did not understand how to shave properly. I constantly had razor burn and nicks on my neck due to poor shaving. It’s great to see posts like this so readily available these days. Thanks for sharing!

Wooh! Amazing Infographic post !!

Really liked the way it posted Thanks for sharing.

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