Broken Blood Vessels (Telengiectasia)

So-called broken blood vessels aren’t really broken, just enlarged and dilated. These can come from sun damage, genetics and also from having the condition called rosacea. These are most common on the face but may also be present on the chest, neck and sometimes even on the hands and arms.

Telengiectasias are harmless but can be unsightly and also may cause a burning or stinging sensation. They can be removed with lasers (see section on redness or rosacea above for a complete description of treatments. Treatments of individual blood vessels often result in their eradication. IF there are large groups of vessels, or if they are associated with rosacea, then multiple treatments may be required to eradicate them. The larger vessels around the nose are common and may not be caused by anything but genetics. These can be difficult to remove  due to the fact that there are usually deeper and larger vessels feeding them so they tend to reoccur.

A small red bump called a cherry angioma is a collection of blood vessels. There is also a “spider” angioma which has a central core surrounded by radiating lines of blood vessels. Both of these growths are usually easy to remove with lasers in 1-2 treatments.