Exciting news! We have an amazing new laser, called Fotona.

The Fotona is a multi-use laser as it has two wavelengths of light, the Nd:YAG and erbium:YAG; thus we can do anything from hair removal to treating veins to skin tightening and everything in between! We are most enthusiastic about some of the unique aspects of this laser such as its use for snoring, body tightening, face tightening, and skin resurfacing. For some of the features of the laser, there are specific names for the treatments; such as NightLase for snoring, TightSculpt for body tightening, IntimaLase® and IncontiLase® for vaginal rejuvenation, FortiFaceLift or Fotona 4D for face tightening.

Traditionally there are two lasers used to resurface the skin of the face resulting in decreased wrinkles, discoloration, and laxity; they are the CO2 and erbium:YAG. Advanced Dermatology has had a CO2 laser, the CO2RE, but with the addition of the Fotona, we now have an erbium:YAG as well. This is exciting because we will now be able to perform resurfacing at both the Lincolnshire and Glencoe offices!

NightLase is a non-invasive pain-free procedure used to decrease snoring. We use the laser to heat the skin the in back of the mouth resulting in contraction of tissue and a more open airway for breathing at night. It is a series of three treatments over 2-3 months. One of our team members has now had the series and both she and her husband have noticed a significant reduction in snoring.

TightSculpt is a non-invasive, relatively pain-free procedure designed for body tightening on areas such as the neck, above the knee, below the buttocks, and other locations. TightSculpt is also safe in all skin types. There are two steps to the procedure; the first is done to heat the deep tissues of the skin resulting in underlying tightening and no damage to the overlying skin. During this part, one feels a warm to hot sensation and this step takes about 15-20 minutes. The second step utilizes the erbium:YAG to resurface the overlying skin which helps produce collagen thus improving the fine wrinkles, crepiness, and laxity of the skin. This last portion takes only a few minutes and is relatively pain-free. Dr. Taub has had the treatment on her neck and has noticed a significant improvement in laxity and crepiness.

Lastly, Fotona 4D (also referred to as FortiFaceLift) is a four-step procedure utilized to tighten the skin of the face. It helps to lift the tissue of the face non-invasively and non-surgically. For those who are nervous to have fillers for lifting and plumping the skin, this would be a great alternative. Or it can be done in addition to fillers.

Both the Nd:YAG and the erbium:YAG are used to heat all layers of the skin, from the very superficial to deep within the skin. The laser is also performed on both the inside of the mouth and on the skin of the face, resulting in enhanced collagen production and tissue tightening. There is no downtime and regular activities can be continued immediately after the procedure. We hope you will consider having one or more of the many beneficial treatments that can be performed with the Fotona.

Schedule your consultation today at one of our North Shore locations to learn if you are a candidate for treatment with the Fotona Laser at 847-459-6400 with one of our cosmetic coordinators or contact us to make an appointment.