Dr. Taub quoted in The Aesthetic Guide

November 1, 2016

The Aesthetic Guide
November/ December 2016 Issue
By Kevin A. Wilson, Contributing Editor

“...In addition to moisturizing and exfoliating, the purpose of the ancillary actives in the DefenAge kit is to support the action of the defensin peptides. “Theoretically these ingredients will provide on-site nourishment and moisturization. When the defensins stimulate production of healthy new tissue, the cellular processes tax the cellular metabolism, so additional actives help maximize the effect of the defensins by providing a ready source of chemicals needed to sustain it,” said Dr. Taub.

According to Dr. Taub, all patients at two of the three centers are through final followup and data collection is ongoing, but the blind is still in effect so no hard conclusions can be drawn yet. “It’s early to say for sure but I am quite certain I can tell which patients have had the active,” said Dr. Taub. “The overall improvement and healthy glow is obvious in comparison...”  Read Full Article.