A facial is a procedure to make your face look younger. Facials use cosmetic products with active ingredients that may also have medical benefits. Active ingredients include growth factors, hydrators, antioxidants, skin lighteners, exfoliants (to remove dead skin cells) and specific proteins, all formulated to improve acne, pigmentation, texture, tone and general skin health.

Advanced Dermatology offers medical, antiaging, ultrasound, and unique aesthetic facials for all types of skin. A facial begins with a consultation with your provider to determine which type of treatment your skin needs. Treatment may include a chemical peel, an exfoliating buffing cream, extractions (to remove blackheads, pustules, or pimples), an antiseptic and a facial “mask” with ingredients that penetrate and clean pores, heal acne scars and revitalize your skin. When a treatment protocol is proposed the next step is to determine if your skin is sensitive to the ingredients of the treatment product. If your provider detects no problems the treatment is approved.

On the day of treatment your provider gently cleanses your skin with a Clarisonisonic Brush and your skin is wiped with a warm towel to gently remove the residue. Then, your aesthetic provider applies the appropriate peel or an exfoliating buffing cream, followed by extractions. To calm and heal your skin, an antiseptic is applied before a mask and an herbal eye treatment is placed on your eyes to reduce puffiness.

As you skin absorbs the benefits of the mask, your aesthteic provider will massage your hands with a nourishing cream. The final step is applying the essential products for your skin type or specific treatment goal. For an antiaging facial, for example, these products will include sunscreen, antioxidant, growth factor, and exfoliant, all part of Dr. Taub’s CORE 4 skincare plan.