Benefits of Non-Surgical Procedures for Vaginal Rejuvenation & Tightening

Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment with the Fotona IntimaLase® and IncontiLase®.

The aging process and childbirth are the two most common reasons a woman’s vagina will stretch and lose muscle tone and thinning of the skin, resulting in reduced sexual satisfaction, incontinence, dryness and discomfort.  Many women are too embarrassed to talk about their experiences such as losing urine when they exercise or cough, and reduced vaginal moisture, which makes sexual intimacy uncomfortable and painful. Treatment options have been available such as surgery or estrogen creams, rings or injections, but some of these are either not satisfactory or have risks which make women feel uncomfortable.

Advanced Dermatology offers vaginal rejuvenation laser therapy for women who have been searching for a treatment to safely and effectively improve vaginal function and appearance.   Women no longer need to feel embarrassed or have their life and sexual pleasure disrupted.  The medical providers at Advanced Dermatology understand the need for discretion and care when consulting with patients about these private concerns. Their expertise with laser treatments allows them to fully comprehend the function and science of the IntimaLase® and IncontiLase® procedures, utilizing precise technique to achieve a successful vaginal rejuvenation treatment result.

All laser treatments have potential side effects and this treatment is no different. In addition, you should be informed that this particular laser and all lasers or energy based devices in the US have NOT received FDA clearance for the treatment of vaginal dryness or urinary incontinence. We have specifically chosen this laser due to a solid body of European literature establishing the effectiveness of this treatment for these indications, and would not have purchased it in the absence of such literature. In addition, the Fotona laser IS approved by the FDA to be used on vaginal tissue. However, it has NOT been approved for the treatment of these specific conditions. That would require a large study in the US, and thus far none of the laser companies that make these devices have undertaken this. A large scale study of this type would be welcomed! Use of this FDA approved laser for Non-FDA approved conditions is considered “off-label” use of FDA approved devices and is legal. In dermatology and elsewhere in the practice of medicine, off-label techniques and medications are frequently employed for the benefit of patients.

What are the differences between the IntimaLase® and IncontiLase® procedures?

Vaginal rejuvenation consists of a procedure performed with the Fotona® Laser. This procedure consists of two treatments known as IntimaLase® and IncontiLase®.  During the procedure, a clear disposable speculum is inserted into the vagina.  A laser handpiece is then inserted through the speculum, therefore, the laser never touches the skin. There are 3 steps to the procedure, all of which are done within a 30 minute time period.

STEP 1:  A laser wand pulses the circumference of the vaginal walls to stimulate collagen and firm vaginal tissue.   
STEP 2:  A separate laser wand concentrates additional energy on the part of the vagina that supports the bladder and urethra. This step helps to firm the vaginal tissue attached to the urethra strengthening the urethra so it is able to withstand stressors such as coughing or laughing.
STEP 3:  The external skin of the genitals (the introitus, labia majora and minora, clitoral hood and area around the urethra) are pulsed with the laser to smooth out the skin.

The IntimaLase® procedure refers to steps 1 and 3.  The IncontiLase® procedure involves all 3 steps.

How do I know if I could benefit from a vaginal rejuvenation treatment with the IntimaLase® and IncontiLase® laser?

  • Stress Urinary Incontinence (loss of urine when laughing, coughing or physical exercise)
  • Dryness, itching, or burning
  • Painful intercourse
  • Vaginal laxity and wrinkled external skin
  • Decrease in orgasm pleasure and intensity
  • Feeling of wideness relative to partner’s penis size

How do the IntimaLase® and IncontiLase® treatments work?

The handpieces of the Er:YAG non-ablative lasers resemble a smooth wand which is inserted into the vaginal canal through a clear plastic disposable speculum.

The IncontiLase ® laser shrinks and tightens the vaginal mucosa tissue and collagen-rich endopelvic fascia supporting the bladder, returning it to more normal urinary function.

The IntimaLase® laser treatment stimulates the collagen of the vaginal tissue externally and internally creating new collagen fibers resulting in the tightening of the vaginal canal.  The wavelength of the laser targets the epidermis, emitting fast laser light pulses.  Water in the skin’s cells absorbs this energy, as the heat emitting from the laser vaporizes your vaginal skin tissue. The result is tighter and smoother skin in the vaginal tissue.

The vaginal rejuvenation treatment is a 20-30 -minute, non-surgical, no downtime procedure.   Our medical providers recommend 2-3 treatments every 3-4 weeks with a yearly maintenance treatment.   

There may be some discharge for a few days. Sexual intercourse is not recommended for 1 week after treatment.

What benefits can I expect with the IntimaLase® and IncontiLase® vaginal rejuvenation treatment?

Women have felt an improvement in the tightening of their vaginal canal, stronger orgasmic or pleasure sensation, less pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse, a more youthful appearance of the vagina, reduced stress urinary incontinence (losing urine when coughing, laughing or exercise), and less dryness and discomfort. 

Results vary for each patient and it can take up to 4 months for the treatments to take effect.

What are the side effects of a laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment with the IntimaLase® and IncontiLase® lasers?

There can be some discharge for a few days after the treatment. There can be mild discomfort with parts of the procedure, especially the external part for which we use topical cream anesthetic. Some discomfort when sitting can be experienced for a day or a couple of days.

What is the healing time post a vaginal rejuvenation treatment?

Women who have completed an IntimaLase® and IncontiLase® laser procedure should avoid strenuous activity which could increase pressure on their bladder up to one month.  Sexual intercourse is not recommended for one to two weeks post the treatment.   A medical provider will discuss any additional complications during the consultation visit.

Who is not the right candidate for the IntimaLase® and IncontiLase® laser procedure?

You are not a candidate if you have severe vaginal atrophy, urinary incontinence or bladder prolapse as these conditions usually require surgical procedures for improvement or relief.  If you have HPV that has been present in the past 3 years, this is a contraindication. Any woman with a history of gynecologic cancer history or surgery would need to have approval by their treating physician. Any active urinary tract infection or breakage of the skin would need to be cleared or healed before treatment. Typically, we do consult with your gynecologist for clearance.

What is the cost for a vaginal rejuvenation laser procedure?

Cost Per Treatment (IntimaLase® or Incontilase®):

One Treatment: $1000
3 Treatment Package: $2750
Maintenance Treatment:  $850