Keloid Scars

Keloids are exaggerated scars caused by excessive growth of scar cells called fibroblasts.  They can be caused by surgery, piercings, acne, tattoos, and any injury or inflammation of the skin.  A genetic susceptibility seems to also be an important factor.  Keloids are much more common on the chest, shoulders, upper back and arms, and earlobes. 

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Keloid scars can also itch and be painful.  Keloid scar treatments include intralesional steroid injections and pulsed dye laser treatments that can often help flatten the scars.  Some keloid scars do not respond to any type of treatment. Earlobe keloids can be removed surgically and followed up with injections.  Keloid scars can improve with topical silicone gel sheeting (NewGel + Gel Strips or NewGel + Gel Dots).  People who keloid should always inform their physicians before any invasive treatments and avoid piercings and tattoos.