Advanced Dermatology is one of the first practices in the country to offer the latest technology in hair loss solutions, Keralase™.

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How does Keralase™ work?

Keralase™  is a treatment designed to create a conducive environment to facilitate hair growth and improve scalp health. It replaces the need for micro-needle rollers by using the Lutronic LaseMD laser to create non-ablative micro-channels to deliver a proprietary blend of growth factors and skin proteins (KeraFactor® serum) to stimulate hair growth. The micro-channels have been shown to create 5 times higher absorption of nano-liposomes, increasing the delivery of the nano-liposomes found in the KeraFactor® Serum. The peptides within the serum specifically support increased blood supply and the transition of resting hairs into the actively growing phase of hair growth for optimal results.

What areas can be treated with Keralase™?

Keralase™ revitalizes the scalp by using the LaseMD to deliver hundreds of microchannels on the affected area within the scalp, followed by application of KeraFactor® serum, a customized formula of growth factors and skin proteins. 

How do I know if I would benefit from Keralase™?

Keralase™ can help individuals who have hair loss or thinning of the hair due to hormonal, environmental, or physiological factors, like stress. This treatment also can be used if you are preparing for a hair transplant or undergoing hair loss treatments like Rogaine, Propecia, PRP, or Laser Therapy.

What benefits can I expect?

Any patient that seeks treatment for hair thinning or hair loss could benefit from Keralase™. Keralase™ is designed to stimulate hair growth and revitalize the scalp. Improvement in scalp health and hair growth will likely be seen through a series of treatments scheduled one month apart. For best results, it is recommended that patients have the Keralase™ in-office treatment once every 2 weeks. A total of 6 treatments is recommended, for a total of three months minimum. Although in some patients the results from a treatment are seen immediately, in most patients they will appear gradually during 3-5 treatments. A maintenance in-office treatment every 1-3 months is also encouraged.

The combination of Keralase™ and daily use of the take-home KeraFactor® spray in between treatments is recommended for optimal results and to maintain overall scalp and hair health. The spray and Keralase™ serum both contain the same growth factors and skin proteins, however, the in-office solution contains a much higher concentration of these ingredients. Using the spray at home will lead to ongoing hair health and could lead to less maintenance treatments.

What should I expect before and after having my Keralase™ treatment?

Before the treatment

For best results, we recommend patients come to the treatment with clean, dry hair without styling products.

During the treatment

The treatment takes approximately 20- 30 minutes. The scalp will be treated with the LaseMD laser first, which might feel like a wam, tingling sensation. After the treatment, KeraFactor® serum will be massaged in, which usually feels gentle and relaxing. 

After the treatment

Your scalp/hair should be dry 15-20 minutes after the end of the treatment. Patients should allow the scalp and hair to fully absorb the solution and spray before applying heat. It is recommended that patients do not use a hairdryer within an hour of receiving the treatment or applying the spray. You can use hair styling products as soon as the product is absorbed, and your hair/scalp has dried. Lastly, after treatment, it is recommended that you wait at least 6-12 hours before washing your hair. 

How to use the take-home Kerafactor® spray

Following the in-office treatment, use the take-home KeraFactor® spray beginning the day following your in-office treatment. Apply 1-2 sprays per area of concern once a day by placing nozzle directly on the scalp while spraying. After spraying, massage solution into scalp for 30-60 seconds. For best results, apply in the evening and allow solution to remain on the scalp overnight.

What are the risks and side effects?

Prior to treatment all potential risks and side effects will be discussed with you by your medical provider and cosmetic coordinator.

Short-term immediate risks include redness at the area being treated, although usually this dissipates within 24 hours. Heat and tingling sensations may occur up to a few hours after the treatment, but normally do not last longer. Swelling can also occur and could last for 3-7 days.  In some rare instances, swelling and/or redness have lasted several weeks. There also may be peeling at the treated area.

It is possible for the skin to become irritated if you have a sensitivity or allergy to any of the ingredients used in the treatment products (There are no sulfates, parabens, BHA, BHT, or DBP in the solutions used with this treatment).

There are no known interactions with any drugs, vitamins or supplements.

Are there other ways to get the same benefit?

Alternative cosmetic treatments for scalp stimulation include topical products, Keravive™, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections, and microneedling. If you are experiencing hair loss or thinning of the hair, there may be an underlying medical condition present, therefore it is important to consult with one of our providers prior to choosing which treatment course is the best for your individual needs.

Can Keralase™ be combined with other treatments?

Keralase™ may be combined with many other treatments for hair loss such as Keravive™, PRP, microneedling, and topical products. Patients may choose a combination of different treatments to achieve the maximum aesthetic result.

What is the cost of Keralase™?

Keralase™ treatments start at $575 for individual treatments. 1 treatment every 2 weeks for 6 treatments is recommended. A minimum three-month treatment program is typical. During a consultation, the number of treatments best suited for your results will be discussed with you by your provider. *Results vary with each individual.