Over Baked

April 26, 2006

… “Not everybody is excited about the industry’s growth.

Dr. Amy Taub, a dermatologist at Lincolnshire’s Advanced Dermatology, said indoor and outdoor tanning are dangerous and that people need to understand that the “darkness” They’re getting is a warning sign.

“A tan is protection from UV,” Taub said. “It is in an indication that you’ve damage to your skin, otherwise wouldn’t be making a defense.” Taub doesn’t try to scare would-be tanners with talk of melanoma, acknowledging that the allure of a bronze glow is more powerful than fear of skin cancer.

Instead, Taub offers this advice:

“Your skin get thinner, and you look worse than peers when you’re a certain age, and your skin is all wrinkled up,” Taub said. “Right now, it makes you look good. But when you’re 40, - and most people in their teens and twenties never think they will be 40- it will look really bad.””…

—Red Eye