Changes to Advanced Dermatology medical advice messages:

This is to notify all Advanced Dermatology patients of updated protocols surrounding medical advice obtained through messaging electronically. Text messages, emails, and Advanced Dermatology patient portal (MyPatientVisit) communications shall hereinafter be referred to as “MESSAGE” or “MESSAGES.”

Effective February 1, 2023

Sending your provider a message can be a convenient way to contact your Advanced Dermatology provider and their team. Please remember, for your safety, do not use messages to communicate urgent or emergent medical issues—please call your healthcare team or visit your nearest Immediate Care Center or Emergency Room, depending on the severity of your emergency.

Most message responses from Advanced Dermatology are at no cost to patients. However, sometimes a reply requires medical expertise or decision-making due to the complexity of your issue. In that case, your healthcare provider will offer you the option of scheduling an in-person or telehealth visit – or – provide you with medical advice as an online visit to be billed to your insurance. To better understand your costs related to receiving medical advice via messages, please get in touch with your insurance provider and reference the type of visit as online digital evaluation and management. You may owe a copay or co-insurance.

Examples of messages that may result in a charge include:

  • A new medical issue or symptom requiring an assessment or a referral
  • Adjusting medications or prescribing a new medication
  • A flare-up or change in a chronic or ongoing condition
  • Reviewing and assessing photos
  • Reviewing medical history

Examples of messages that may not result in a charge include:

  • Physician, nurse, or physician assistant response not required
  • A request to schedule, cancel or change an appointment
  • General questions that a non-medical staff member can answer
  • A routine medication refill request
  • Status update note to your provider