Surgical Scars

Scars occur after any type of surgery. Scars may be thin white lines, thick wide lines or they may be red, thickened, raised or itchy. All types of scars in the skin can be treated. The treatment of surgical scars can improve the appearance by decreasing the redness and thickness of the scars and can also improve the symptoms such as itching of the scars.

Watch Dr. Taub speak about scarring solutions.

Treatments for surgical scars include topical agents like NewGel + Gel Strips silicone sheeting applied to a scar, injections of a small amount of dilute corticosteroid into a scar, and laser treatments performed on a scar. At Advanced Dermatology, we offer two excellent laser treatments for scars.  VBeam (Pulsed Dye laser) treatments reduce redness and help to flatten surgical scars. Fraxel or CO2RE laser treatments are effective in smoothing away the appearance of scars.