Teenage Acne

Teenage acne is common but that doesn't mean it is "normal" or something to be ignored.  Mostly aggravated by the abrupt arrival of new hormones that stimulate the dormant oil glands, causing plugging of glands followed by inflammation (redness, swelling) and sometimes even pain, teenage acne is usually emotionally distressing at a time when self-esteem may be somewhat fragile.  Treating acne may not only prevent scarring, but also alleviate self-esteem concerns.

At Advanced Dermatology we offer a large variety of acne treatments for teenagers  utilizing a broad range of topical and oral prescription medications, light/laser treatment, hormonal therapy and Isotretinoin (Accutane). In addition we offer in-office acne procedures such as chemical peelsIsolaz, and Photodynamic Therapy, not often available in other practices. When deciding how to treat teenage acne, our providers will assist by evaluating all of the options available and assembling a treatment plan with the teen and parent based on a patient’s individual circumstances. The treatment of teenage acne will often combine different modalities based upon the type and severity of the acne. If the acne is unresponsive to traditional therapy or procedural therapy, or if scarring is occurring then we often will recommend and prescribe Isotretinoin (Accutane).  A complete personal and family medical history will be reviewed as well as a comprehensive discussion of the potential side effects and the monitoring process for any treatment(s).  These treatments are done in conjunction with parental input and approval (until the child reaches age 18).  We monitor teenagers with acne regularly until clearance is achieved, and treatment plans may be modified based upon follow-up visits, until we arrive at a maintenance phase, at which time the visit intervals are extended. Many teenage acne treatments are covered benefits under a patients health insurance plan, and our providers are always mindful of out-of-pocket expenses when deciding on the best acne treatments for teenagers.