Thigh Fat (Saddlebags)

Are you wondering how to lose thigh fat? Diet and exercise are time-honored ways to reduce unwanted body fat. However, as effective as these methods are, they burn body fat in a pattern that depends on age, sex, genetics, and hormones. In order to lose thigh fat or saddlebags, a person must reduce overall body fat first, making it very difficult to lose thigh fat quickly. Luckily, there is technology available at Advanced Dermatology to specifically reduce thigh fat.

The Zeltiq device, for example, allows us to reduce thigh fat while you sit quietly hooked up to the machine for an hour. Zeltiq works by “coolsculpting”, or freezing the outer or inner thigh fat so that approximately 20% of it can be reabsorbed and excreted by your body. When the procedure is finished you can resume your normal activities immediately.

Other thigh fat treatment devices include the TriPollar Apollo and VelaShape. TriPollar Apollo is a radiofrequency device that tightens loose thigh fat, improves the appearance of cellulite, and enhances your overall body contours. Radiofrequency energy works by gently heating your lower skin layers without harming your outer layer. The lower layers are heated because collagen, the long-stranded protein responsible for skin firmness, is located is located in the lower layers.

VelaShape uses radiofrequency energy, light, vacuum, and mechanical rollers. The goal is to get rid of thigh fat by heat so that your body can eliminate the heated fat by natural processes. The vacuum pulls up the skin and the rollers knead the area to facilitate the process. The result is a thigh fat removal, smaller circumference and tightened loose thigh fat.