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Heat Rash ›

Also known as prickly heat or miliaria is a common ailment in the hot humid months of summer. The rash occurs when the sweat glands become plugged and sweat is trapped in the skin. This leads to inflammation. Heat rash presents with red bumps and dryness of the skin. Itchiness or a prickly feeling in … Read More ›

Summer Skin Rashes ›

Now that Summer is here, there are several rashes that are worse or more noticeable in the warmer months. Here are several:

Tinea versicolor: This rash is caused by an increase in yeast in the skin more noticeable in warmer months when people are getting more tan. Usually this presents with many light, dark or red … Read More ›

Summer Skin Preparedness ›

How to treat heat rash, sun poisoning, poison ivy and bug bites – all the yucky skin things the season brings us!

Bug bites: You should use insect repellent, but do not use sunscreen combined with insect repellant because you need to reapply sunscreen more frequently than repellant. Constant reapplication of the combination could cause toxicity … Read More ›

Sun Poisoning ›

With spring fast approaching, it is time again to plan for warmer weather and increased outdoor activities. Many of the winter-weary among us have spring break plans that include travel to much warmer destinations. After a long winter indoors and out of strong direct sunlight, exposing ourselves to tropical sun rays can have very serious … Read More ›