At Advanced Dermatology, patients frequently seek treatment to remove brown spots or excessive pigmentation of the skin.

Such spots commonly occur on the face, hands, arms, and legs. For brown spots that prove to be medically benign, the providers at Advanced Dermatology offer several options for their removal or reduction.

skinfo® carries several prescription-only topical applications that will reduce or eliminate excess skin pigment. These are typically applied by the patient at home once or twice daily over weeks. Of course, to achieve the desired result, the use of these medications must be accompanied by sun avoidance and adequate and consistent application of sunblock. Should topical treatment to remove excess skin pigment be less than adequate, or should a patient desire more aggressive treatment, we offer several options for in-office removal of brown spots. These may include our Permea, Revlite, Q-switched laser, Fraxel® laser, photorejuvenation using intense-pulsed-light, or some combination of multiple modalities.

In addition to excess pigmentation, some people suffer from a lack of pigmentation. This can present as hypopigmentation (partial local loss of pigment) or depigmentation (total local loss of pigment). Alteration in skin pigmentation can be concerning from either a medical or cosmetic perspective or both. Several medical conditions of the skin can cause changes to the skin pigment. These may be treated with topical applications, oral medications, lasers, or other in-office procedures. If you are interested in treating skin pigmentation disorders, our providers will be happy to meet with you to provide a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan for your specific pigmentation disorder.

Treatments: Q Switch, Fraxel: Thulium, Photofacial IPL