Cheek wrinkles can be both from sun damage and loss of collagen and elastin or from repeatedly smiling.

Repeated smiling can cause visible grooves to form, especially in fine skin over time. Cheek wrinkles can be very challenging to treat depending on the depth and severity.

One method for treating cheek wrinkles involved lasers: fractionated lasers such as Fraxel® and CO2RE are often employed to treat these. Another method of approaching them is with fillers; this is only useful if there are only a handful of wrinkles and they aren’t super thin. Botulinum Toxin cannot be used on cheek wrinkles because it would cause a noticeable lack of movement in the cheeks and possibly reduced the ability to smile or chew. Wrinkles on the cheeks need to be evaluated by the experienced cosmetic practitioner for optimal treatment. Treatment with creams should also be used. Another great option for cheek wrinkles is our collection of Injectable Fillers, to smooth and reduce signs of aging.