Keloids are exaggerated scars caused by excessive growth of scar cells called fibroblasts.

A keloid scar is a type of abnormal tissue growth that occurs at the site of a skin injury, such as a wound, surgery, vaccination, or even minor scratches. Unlike normal scars that gradually fade over time, keloid scars can extend beyond the boundaries of the original injury, becoming raised, thickened, and larger than the initial wound. These scars can vary in color, ranging from pink to red or even darker than the surrounding skin.

While the exact cause of keloid scarring is not fully understood, several factors contribute to their development. According to Mayo Clinic, individuals with darker skin tones are more prone to keloid scars, as are those with a family history of keloids. Additionally, keloids can result from even minor skin trauma, such as acne or insect bites. The overproduction of collagen, a protein responsible for skin repair, seems to play a crucial role in keloid formation.

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