Advanced Dermatology offers a wide array of effective treatments and products to clear acne-prone skin.

Acne is a multifaceted skin condition characterized by the development of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and other blemishes on the skin. These blemishes can occur on the face, chest, back, and other areas with a high density of oil glands. Acne can vary in severity, ranging from mild to severe, and may leave behind scars if not properly managed.

Acne can effect both adults and teens. Acne is primarily caused by the interplay of factors that contribute to the overproduction of oil (sebum), clogged hair follicles, and the growth of bacteria. Hormonal fluctuations, especially during puberty, pregnancy, and menstrual cycles, can trigger acne. Other factors include genetics, diet, stress, and the use of certain medications or cosmetics.

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