Dr. Amy Forman Taub is a pioneer in researching, improving, and applying PDT to skin conditions

If you want quicker or more profound results in photorejuvenation, or you have such severe damage that you may have precancerous cells or actinic keratosis, photodynamic therapy (PDT) would be a good choice.

Since “photo” means light and “dynamic” means action, photodynamic therapy is the use of light or laser energy to act against skin disease, in this case sun damage, precancerous cells (actinic keratosis), acne, and inflammatory rosacea.  Your affected skin must first be coated with a prescription solution called Levulan, which makes the target cells or glands more sensitive to light. The combination of Levulan and light not only treats the diseased skin cells or glands, it also makes your skin more healthy, smooth, and clear, possibly even prevent skin cancer.