Pricing for Medical Dermatology Visits

Advanced Dermatology is renowned for state-of-the-art skincare in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Committed to the best of care for all our patients, we strive to provide thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and compassion. Scroll down for a comprehensive list of procedures and the cost to see a dermatologist in Glencoe or Lincolnshire.

How much does a dermatologist cost?

The price of a dermatologist’s services will vary depending on many different factors. What is the primary concern you’re seeking treatment for? How intensive is the treatment for your concerns? How many procedures or treatments will be required? Is your main dermatological concern relatively common or rarer? These factors plus many others play a significant role in what your treatment will cost.

How much is a dermatologist visit?

At Advanced Dermatology in either Glencoe or Lincolnshire, the out of pocket price of an office visit will be between $145.80 and $336.20 if you’re a new patient, and between $114.28 and $258.46 if you’re an established Advanced Dermatology patient. Your dermatologist appointment cost is dependent on what you’re seeking help with and what the treatment will be. The best way to go about getting an accurate quote is to request your consultation with Advanced Dermatology now and we’ll be able to give you a clearer idea of what your treatment might cost. Request an appointment now.