Clear + Brilliant® is a safe, non-surgical laser procedure to treat aging skin and melasma.

Similar to a Fraxel treatment, the Clear + Brilliant® treatment is less aggressive but parallels results in achieving younger looking skin by improving skin’s tone, texture, fine lines, and pigment. The technology delivers two wavelengths, the Clear + Brilliant® which is similar to Fraxel Re:store and Permea which is similar to Fraxel Thulium.

The Clear + Brilliant® laser treatment addresses texture, wrinkles, and fine lines in aging skin. The Permea Laser Treatment targets sun damage, pigment, and melasma.  Both treatments can be implemented into a regular anti-aging maintenance and prevention program.

Clear + Brilliant® is a no-downtime treatment delivering the following results for all skin types: more radiant skin, smaller pore size, softer and rejuvenated skin, and improved texture and tone. Clear + Brilliant® is a 20-minute treatment and can be performed on tan skin and requires a topical pre-treatment numbing solution with 4-6 treatments recommended scheduled 4 weeks apart.

Permea targets melasma, pigment, sun damage, and lentigines in 4-6 treatments and is recommended every 2-4 weeks.  After a Permea treatment, skincare product efficacy increases when the product is applied immediately post-treatment.  skinfo®, founded by Dr. Taub offers skincare solutions for aging, acne, dry, and oily skin.

When treating Melasma, 3 Permea treatments are administered every 2 weeks, alternating with DERMALINFUSION® in between each treatment. Patients are recommended to pre-treat skin with hydroquinone or a lightening alternative. Tan skin will need 5-6 treatments every 4 weeks and DERMALINFUSION® every 2 weeks.