Laser energy is a proven method to reduce unwanted hair from your skin.

At Advanced Dermatology results are long-lasting, discomfort is tolerable, and side effects are minimal for skin and hair.

Advanced Dermatology has four lasers which permits us to customize each treatment program. For dark-skinned patients of Asian, African American, Indian, and Middle Eastern descent we use the CoolGlide Vantage. Energy from this laser interacts with the pigment in hair but not the pigment in the skin. This allows us to remove the hair without heating the skin. The laser cannot treat white, blond, or grey hair.  For faster treatments with minimal discomfort, we use the Prowave to remove dark hair in light-skinned patients. The GentleLASE PRO® provides the fastest, most comfortable, and most effective removal of dark hair in patients with light skin. The latest addition to our laser hair removal technology is the GentleMax PRO®, which like the GentleLase PRO® is fast and highly effective for all skin types.