Sun exposure, internal aging, and smoking cause wrinkles.

Sun exposure is the most common reason for wrinkles, although smoking is even worse. There are many different types of wrinkles, and locations for them.

There are dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle movement and passive wrinkles caused by loss of collagen and elastic tissue. People do not realize that the long wavelengths of UV called UVA penetrate deeply and cause much collagen and elastin loss. UVA goes through window glass, is present all year round and all day long. This is the reason dermatologists tell you to put sunscreen on every day, even days you will only be driving in your car [AT1]. Also, only zinc oxide really protects you from the majority of UVA wrinkles.

Most of the sunscreens available commercially do not contain zinc oxide, or not enough to be effective [AT2]. For topical protection and correction of facial wrinkles, we recommend the CORE 4, consisting of using a sunscreenantioxidantexfoliant, and growth factor.  Wrinkles can be treated with Botulinum Toxins, Injectable Fillers, and lasers.