One of the most common benign growths are seborrheic keratoses.

One common reason for a visit to the dermatologist is to evaluate whether a growth on the skin is benign or malignant.

Seborrheic keratoses appear as brown growths that look “stuck on” to the skin’s surface. Although they have no malignant potential, they are often unsightly or appear in areas that rub against clothing where they become irritated. These benign tumors are easily removed in the office. Skin tags are another common noncancerous skin growth that patients worry about. These are typically small, skin-colored bumps that appear most commonly on the neckline and under arm areas. Sometimes, benign growths appear beneath the skin surface as firm nodule. These bumps may represent benign tumors such as a lipoma or a cyst. Whenever a patient is concerned about a new growth that appears on the skin, it is important to seek out evaluation by a dermatologist to make sure that the growth is noncancerous.