Amy Forman Taub, MD quoted in Cosmetic Surgery Forum: 12 Tips for Getting Your Patients to Wear Sunscreen

April 29, 2016

Cosmetic Surgery Forum
"12 Tips for Getting Your Patients to Wear Sunscreen"
April 29, 2016
Natasha Mohr


"3.3 million Americans will be diagnosed with basal and squamous cell skin cancers this year even though skin cancer is primarily preventable. But while this fact is alarming, people still need to be convinced to use it!

So how can each of us move the needle with sunscreen use for patients on whom you can have a direct impact? We asked our expert CSF faculty for their insights – and they came out in droves to respond! The topic is near and dear to our hearts and the plethora of replies is evidence as to how hard we all work to protect our patients’ skin health.

Tip #3: Amy Taub

“I say this [to patients]: People always ask me, “Do I really need to put on sunscreen even if I just am going out on a couple of errands a day?” And I say, “Why don’t you eat a cookie every time you get in your car for an errand. Would you gain weight by the end of the year? That is what the sun does to your face, one cookie at a time. And the sun goes through window glass too, so keeping your windows rolled up won’t work." Read Full Article.