Unsightly or uncomfortable leg veins are a very common problem amongst both men and women. At Advanced Dermatology, we have every solution available no matter how big or small your veins are.

If they are just small spider veins, we not only have Sclerotherapy but also 2 different types of lasers that we can use, depending on what is best for your specific vessels. If you have varicose veins or aren’t sure, we can perform an ultrasound that will determine whether you need either endovenous laser therapy (an outpatient in-office treatment to fix the abnormal vein valves in your legs) or ultrasound-guided Sclerotherapy. If abnormal valves are found on ultrasound the procedures are covered by most commercial insurance plans, including Medicare. During a leg vein evaluation consultation, we can identify the problem as well as the solution.

Varicose and spider veins are treated by our vein specialist, David I. Rosen, MD. To learn more about varicose and spider vein treatment, please call 847-459-6400 or contact us to make an appointment.