Profound has been studied to accomplish results one third of the effects of a facelift, without surgery.

This radiofrequency device tightens the skin of the jowls and neck and creates more volume, especially in the cheeks. Patients will also see a reduction in wrinkles as the body replaces the old collagen with new collagen. The treatment uses miniature needles which are placed at the exact depth of the skin where the cells that make new collagen and elastin reside. Read more about Profound under “Non-surgical Face-Lift”, Profound.

“I had the Profound treatment about two weeks ago and just wanted to thank Dr. Taub for her superb work. This is the second time I’ve had Profound done, two years ago was the first. I travel from Michigan as Dr. Taub was very personable and feel very confident in her professional abilities. I see a significant improvement this time already. The patches “Cearna” were used and it cut the healing down significantly. (great improvement).  My face looks amazing already. Your staff was friendly and very efficient. So appreciative.” Christine