Chronic lower leg rashes have numerous possible causes. One often overlooked and underdiagnosed etiology is lower extremity superficial vein disease. Chronic vein disease can lead to chronic inflammatory skin changes; the skin can become reddish and brown and the legs can swell easily. Chronic inflammation from superficial venous insufficiency can manifest as progressively worsening skin discoloration, itching, skin thickening. If left untreated, chronic vein disease may lead to ulceration of the skin in the lower legs.

Many different skin diseases can cause rashes on the legs. Some of the more common concerns are psoriasis, and nummular eczema (coin-shaped patches of dry skin), but most skin diseases can cause rashes on the legs.

Concerns regarding lower leg rashes and chronic vein disease are best addressed in a timely fashion to prevent disease progression.

If diagnosed early in the process, chronic vein disease can be easily treated in our comfortable outpatient setting. Over time, symptoms generally improve along with an improvement in the look and feel of your legs. Dr. David Rosen, MD  is board certified in phlebology (the specialty of leg vein problems) and can discover through ultrasound and physical examination, if you have any significant venous disease.