Ann Cameron Schieber, PA-C, & Advanced Dermatology Featured in Make It Better Magazine

June 2, 2014

"Cosmetic Convert: I Froze My Belly Fat and Have the Photos to Prove It"

Make it Better
By: Belinda Lichty Clarke
June 1, 2014

Dozens of my friends love Botox. Many have embraced fillers, too. But until now I had said no to cosmetic enhancements, mostly because of the needles required. Then I started reading about the latest, non-invasive anti-aging and body-shaping procedures.

Looking to celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary with a little pick-me-up, I chose one I had read about in various magazines called CoolSculpting, which basically freezes pockets of fat which are then absorbed into your body and then flushed away.  

This non-invasive, no “down-time” procedure seemed like a great option. Designed for moderately sized people with few inches to lose in hard-to-zap spots (belly, side pudge), the one-hour procedure promises up to a 20 percent reduction in your belly fat. Only 20 percent? I wanted to zap the whole belly and call it a day. Still, I decided to give it a try.  

According to Ann Cameron Schieber, PA-C, a physician assistant at Advanced Dermatology in Glencoe, the procedure works better on some places than others. Underarms, for example, she says, just don’t have as much fat to start with. “It’s best for abdominals and flanks because those are hard to target for many women.” 

The Procedure
First, it’s not a comfortable hour, but it’s bearable. After a cold gel pad is applied across your lower tummy, a contoured vacuum sucks in (and keeps sucking in) your belly roll while a relatively heavy freezing contraption freezes the roll. The cooling pad protects your skin from damage from the cold, and after about aminute you’re numb and don’t feel the cold, or the intense sucking, much.

The Aftermath
After a full 60 minutes of suction-freeze, the device is removed and you have what looks like a big stick of pink frozen butter across your tummy (seriously, see for yourself). The technician massages your belly until it’s pretty much “defrosted,” which is not excruciating, but not the most fun either. And then, you leave! Read More.