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Head Lice ›

With the back to school season in full swing, many parents of young children face a common source of panic: the human head louse. Lice, which live very close to the warm scalp and feed on our blood, have co-existed with people since before the dawn of civilization. The good news, is that they … Read More ›

Mosquito Sprays – Safety and Efficacy, Spring/Summer 2016 Newsletter ›

As we look forward to the approaching warmer weather and all the upcoming summer fun, it’s also important to remain aware of one of our least favorite aspects of summer, the mosquito. In the United States, most mosquito bites are merely a temporary annoyance. However, in some cases mosquito bites can lead to systemic mosquito-borne … Read More ›

Skincare Solutions for Bug Bites and Stings ›

With summer in full swing and outdoor activities on the rise, it is more important than ever to protect and treat our skin appropriately. In addition to our usual concerns of protecting skin from damaging ultraviolet rays, we need to be aware of other more terrestrial threats that our skin may encounter during our time … Read More ›

Summer Skin Preparedness ›

How to treat heat rash, sun poisoning, poison ivy and bug bites – all the yucky skin things the season brings us!

Bug bites: You should use insect repellent, but do not use sunscreen combined with insect repellant because you need to reapply sunscreen more frequently than repellant. Constant reapplication of the combination could cause toxicity … Read More ›