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Aging Gracefully, Newsletter Spring/Summer 2015 ›

The number one concern for people thinking about getting fillers is “looking like themselves” after they are done. We’ve all seen photos of celebrities who don’t seem to look like themselves anymore. We are familiar with the look in Hollywood, Miami and NY of women with duck-like lips and huge cheekbones.

As a BOTOX and … Read More ›

Who is the Perfect Sculptra® Candidate, Fall 2014 Newsletter ›

Sculptra® is filler that stimulates a person’s skin to make new collagen after it is injected. Unlike the standard fillers which are gel-like substance that fill or plump up the skin to reduce wrinkles, or create lift or volume, Sculptra® is a material that is dissolved in sterile water and injected only to be … Read More ›

Minimal Approach vs. Full Correction, Fall 2014 Newsletter ›

Minimal Approach to Wrinkles

CORE 4 Skincare Regimen (developed by Dr. Taub)— Using a sunscreen, antioxidant, exfoliant, and growth factor are the most fundamental and simplest approach to not only protecting yourself from skin cancer but also to help reduce signs of aging.

Neuromodulators — BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, or … Read More ›

How to Achieve Minimal Bruising with Fillers, Fall 2014 Newsletter ›

With our increasingly fast-paced lifestyle, we understand that our patients often do not have time to deal with post-procedural bruising. Anytime a needle punctures the skin there is a risk of a bruise, however there are a variety of techniques that we as providers use to help reduce this risk. When injecting filler we often … Read More ›

Pre-wedding cosmetic treatments ›

Many patients come to our practice before a big event so they can look their best, and there is no bigger event in one’s life than a wedding. Most often, patients want to know what treatments can make them look their absolute best without looking unnatural. They want to feel confident in photos that will … Read More ›

Which filler for which wrinkle?, Summer 2014 Newsletter ›

It is head spinning to decipher which treatment is needed for which wrinkle. We will break down two of the most popular anti-aging facial treatments, neurotoxins and facial fillers, to help you decide which treatment is best for you.

Neurotoxins include products such as Botox®, Dysport™, and Xeomin® and are used to … Read More ›

Get to know us at Advanced Dermatology: Q & A Summer 2014 Newsletter ›

Grace Federighi  Marketing Manager

What is your favorite Advanced Dermatology treatment?  I don’t want to choose! It really depends on what I want to accomplish, how quickly and whether or not I have time for downtime. Since I had another baby and have been nursing, I have been relying on Read More ›

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