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A Hairy Situation ›

Grooming, or preening, is essential behavior to many species. From cats to birds to chimpanzees, social animals implement specific grooming behaviors to stay healthy and clean, to bond with other members of their group, or to attract a mate. As a species, humans are no different, but how and why we groom ourselves is far … Read More ›

Love Your Legs Again Fall/Winter Newsletter 2016 ›

Autumn is a great time to “fall” in love with
 your legs again! Oy… I know, I know…awful pun…
but it’s true: once it starts getting cooler outside and we transition from “shorts season” to “pants season”, it’s a perfect time to finally take care of those nagging varicose and spider veins. There are 3 really … Read More ›

Winter Vein Choices ›

Whether or not you’re a fan of Game of Thrones,
for Chicagolanders the phrase “Winter is coming” sends a cold shiver down our spines.
I mean, we don’t have to worry about hordes of zombies breaching a magical ice wall
and invading from the North…not that I know of anyway…but still, it’s an unsettling thought.

So we, like … Read More ›

“Let it go, let it go”, Spring 2014 Newsletter ›

By the looks of it outside it would seem that a young queen had a panic attack and let loose a spell condemning Chicagolandia to an eternal winter. Yes, I have 2 young daughters and yes…I’ve been watching A LOT of Disney’s Frozen lately.

For those unfamiliar with the story, young Queen Anna has innate magical … Read More ›

Autumn is Vein Season Fall 2013 Newsletter ›

As I write this, I’m staring out the window from my desk at Advanced Dermatology in Lincolnshire. It’s a hot day in early August. The passersby, hopefully well-schmeared with sunscreen, hustle  to get back into someplace air-conditioned. The green leaves, inert in the breeze-less oppressive  swelter, hang dejectedly on drooping branches  and wonder (in their … Read More ›

Laser Hair Removal Fall 2013 Newsletter ›

A permanent solution to treating unwanted facial and body hair is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal yields long-term permanent hair reduction in the treated area which reduces the hassle, pain and maintenance of shaving, waxing or threading. At Advanced Dermatology we are committed to the latest technological innovations … Read More ›

Leg Veins ›

Spring is coming and we’ll soon see the tulip bulbs we planted last fall blooming abundantly. The preparation, planning and care we take to ensure a more resplendent, beautiful garden is a great analogy for the proactive, patient approach one must have regarding the treatment of chronic vein disease of the lower extremities. To have … Read More ›

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