Autumn is Vein Season Fall 2013 Newsletter

As I write this, I’m staring out the window from my desk at Advanced Dermatology in Lincolnshire. It’s a hot day in early August. The passersby, hopefully well-schmeared with sunscreen, hustle  to get back into someplace air-conditioned. The green leaves, inert in the breeze-less oppressive  swelter, hang dejectedly on drooping branches  and wonder (in their leafy way) when this  heat wave will end.  Though it doesn’t seem like it today, autumn is approaching. Most people in Chicagoland think of the fall as being the start of “Bears Season”. To me, autumn is “Vein Season”: there is no better time to begin your journey towards better feeling, better looking legs than when the weather starts to cool off. Reasons include:

1.  The kids are back in school [yay!] leaving us time to get things accomplished for ourselves.

2.  There is plenty of time until next spring to work towards getting our legs more “shorts worthy”.

3.  For many, insurance deductibles are paid up by the fall, thereby making evaluations and many treatments more affordable.

4.  Finally, it’s far more comfortable to wear compression stockings, a mainstay of any treatment, in cooler weather.

The forthcoming opening of Advanced Dermatology’s Glencoe office will allow patients to find the most convenient location, day and time to schedule their initial consultation with me. You are more than your legs: my initial hour-long consultations are very thorough and include a comprehensive medical history and exam, typically including an ultrasound assessment of your lower extremities. During this time, I get to know you: your concerns; your goals; your expectations. I spend a good deal of time educating each patient regarding vein disease in general and their issues in particular. Together we create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. So, when the leaves just begin to change from green to autumnal amber, let the veins on the leaves remind you that “Vein Season” is here. See you soon!