Love Your Legs Again Fall/Winter Newsletter 2016

Autumn is a great time to “fall” in love with
 your legs again! Oy… I know, I know…awful pun…
but it’s true: once it starts getting cooler outside and we transition from “shorts season” to “pants season”, it’s a perfect time to finally take care of those nagging varicose and spider veins. There are 3 really good reasons why:

The Treatments: All of the treatments that I
 offer are comfortable, safe, effective and state-of-the-art. They are minimally-invasive, have no down time and have minimal bruising. But, because there is some bruising and because it’s better, as a rule, to avoid sun exposure, “pants season” is a great time to check this off of your to-do list.

The Healing Process: All of the minimally-invasive techniques I use encourage your body to make the bothersome veins disappear over time without having to physically remove the veins. The key word is time: in order to have legs that are ready for next “shorts season”, your body can use the fall, winter and early spring to heal. In addition, I recommend that patients use compression stockings after treatments in order to encourage safe and effective healing. Many patients prefer to wear them during the cooler months.

The Insurance Coverage: For many, but not all patients, some treatments may be coverable by insurance carriers, including Medicare. However, authorization for coverage can often take weeks to months to achieve, depending on your insurance carrier. The sooner we see you this fall, the more likely we may be able to get the coverage you deserve during this deductible year. For most patients, the deductible year ends December 31st. It’s crucial for you to be seen for your consultation visit as soon as possible to determine your eligibility and the likelihood of coverage during this calendar/deductible year.

During the hour-long consultation visit, I have plenty of time to learn more about you, your medical history and your particular concerns. In many cases, an ultrasound exam is warranted; this painless, but highly informative test allows us to tailor a treatment plan that suits your needs and goals. 
I also have time to teach you a bit about vein disease and give you as much information as you require to make the best, most informed decisions about your own care.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you learn more about the exciting and new procedures I offer to treat chronic superficial vein disease, including Endovenous Laser Ablation, Clarivein®, liquid & foam sclerotherapy and more!