The Liquid Facelift

The liquid facelift is defined as using multiple syringes of hyaluronic acid to “lift the skin” and create a youthful volume in the face. Usually the areas involved are cheek augmentation, smile lines, frown lines, under eye hollows, upper lip wrinkles and lip augmentation. A few years ago, a study performed by Dr. Taub on this procedure on 10 women found that it caused a reduction in how old others thought they looked (a panel of cosmetically oriented dermatologists) by 4-9 years!

What keeps you from wanting this?

  1. You are terrified you will look “done”. NO, we will NOT do that to you! We hate that look as much as you do. We are only trying to replenish the volume that you have lost, to bring the contour of your face back to a more youthful time in YOUR life.
  2. I can’t do it I will be bruised for weeks! To help bruises heal faster, we offer VBeam laser treatment. For a nominal fee, the laser treatment can be used post 1-3 days following your treatment. Your bruising time can be reduced from one week to 3-4 days. Also, our estheticians and makeup artists will show you how you CAN cover up bruising with our unique corrector kit. If you choose to bring your own make-up, we will show you how to apply it right after the treatment and show you how to maximize the coverage. Finally we have a new topical product called Auriderm that helps take the bruises away when applied post treatment. It seems to work better than arnica.
  3. You can’t afford it:We have decided to offer the “liquid facelift” at a discount indefinitely. This results in a fixed cost for you that you can plan for and also it is significantly less than it would be if you bought the syringes separately. This will not only be offered on special days but on all days. A perk to having a liquid facelift treatment, is receiving a complimentary VBeam treatment to reduce bruising.