CoolMini destroys double chin fat

You could say that CoolSculpting is the next hot treatment for freezing fat on your body and now under your chin.  More patients are looking to more non-surgical solutions like the CoolMiniTM and KybellaTM for reducing a double chin, and contouring the lower face.  CoolMiniTM uses cryolipolysis (fat freezing) technology to freeze fat under the chin, defining a profile and reducing the appearance of looking overweight in individuals who practice a fit lifestyle. 

The applicator for a CoolMiniTM suctions the fat and holds it firmly in place while the fat reaches its freezing point.  A gel sheet protects skin and once removed, the area is massaged by a medical provider and feels cold to the touch.  Individuals can go about their day activity with no downtime as the fat cells are destroyed over the following weeks.  Most individuals see apparent results after 2 treatments and those with less fat to suction in the applicator could see results after just one treatment.

Post a CoolSculpting treatment the area will be red, numb, and sensitive to the touch, swollen and patients will see some bruising. The cost for a single CoolMini treatment is $1,000.

Advanced Dermatology is also equipped with multiple technologies to also treat two areas at once, which means a reduction in treatment time during your visit.  During a DualSculpting procedure, two areas such as love handles can be treated at once for a total treatment time of one hour. 

CoolSculpting, is cleared by the FDA to freeze fat in stubborn areas where diet and excercise cannot reduce or eliminate.  Schedule your consultation today at one of our North Shore locations to learn if you are a candidate for a CoolSculpting treatment at 847-459-6400 with one of our cosmetic coordinators or contact us to make an appointment.

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