Dermatology Times Reports "Combination Therapies Evolve to Address Dermatologic Conditions"

October 1, 2013

The Dermatology Times
September 26, 2013

"Dermatologists are using an evolving collection of combination therapies designed to address different aspects of disease, monotherapy limitations and failures, as well as enhance treatment.

Combination therapies are pivotal when treating skin cancer patients using the field cancerization approach, according to Alexandra Zhang, M.D., associate staff in the department of dermatology, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland.

Dr. Zhang, a Mohs surgeon, says field therapy involves addressing not only skin cancers, but also surrounding actinic keratoses.

“Field cancerization sometimes makes surgical therapy difficult because if the tumor is ill-defined and sits in a field of precancerous and cancerous background, it is difficult for us to get clear margins. And it is difficult for us to treat the cancer completely. Therefore, combination therapies in that situation provide help,” Dr. Zhang says.” Read More.