Dr. Taub quoted in Aesthetic Insider

June 7, 2017

Aesthetic Insider
June 7, 2017

How did you first come across the DefenAge™ line?
I was introduced to DefenAge by the Vice President of Sales Wayne Laura, who I’ve known for many years. He was excited about the product as he felt it was groundbreaking science.  I respected his opinion and asked to meet with the founder and inventor of DefenAge, Nikolay Turovets, PhD. I spent some time with him and he explained the science behind why he chose to create this product and I was very taken with the science. The story to me was compelling in that it addressed some of the drawbacks of growth factors of which I have been a big proponent.  I decided to try it on myself; within a few days I saw that there was an improvement of my skin. I used it on my arms first as I take care of the skin on my face and neck and didn’t expect it to improve those areas. The skin on my arms had fine wrinkling and photo damage since I don’t take care of them as well as my face. Within three to four days my arms looked better. After that, I used DefenAge on my face and neck and saw improvement there too. I then began to offer DefenAge to my patients many of whom love it. When the idea of a full clinical trial and study was presented, I was eager to further investigate the mechanisms of the Age-Repair Defensins® in DefenAge and to participate in the study.

Please explain the study of Age Repair Defensins®
The study  took place in three different medical centers. Dermatologist Dr. Vivian Bucay of San Antonio, TX is well known for her work and her expertise in topical therapies was an investigator, as was facial plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Keller of Santa Barbara, CA. Dr. Keller is also an expert at stem cells among many other things related to skin aging and aesthetics. The study involved a total of 45 patients that were divided into groups of 15 at each site. There are three products in the DefenAge line, a lotion, a serum and a masque. The lotions are used twice a day and the masque is used one to two times per week depending on how well a person can tolerate it. The masque is an exfoliant but it is quite gentle. The Age-Repair Defensins are in both the serum and the cream. The serum has a higher level of defensins, the cream has much higher levels of antioxidants. I have what I call a “core four” of ingredients that I like to see in skin care products and with DefenAge for example, the defensins stimulate new growth, the antioxidants are there for protection and defense, and the exfoliation function is performed by the masque. The last of my “core four” skin care requirements is sunscreen, which DefenAge does not have because they believe there are many good sunscreens on the market already that complement the DefenAge regimen.”  Read Full Interview.