Emily Jamieson, LE

Aesthetic Provider

Emily Jamieson, LE, has been Manager of skinfo® Specialty Skincare Boutique as well as skinfo.com since 2013.  Additionally, she is now also an Aesthetic Provider at Advanced Dermatology.  Emily Jamieson, LE, has dual licensures from Illinois State, the first in Cosmetology from Midwest College of Cosmetology, the second in Esthetics from Universal Spa Training Academy. Emily also received undergraduate training from The International Dermal Institute. Throughout her career, Emily has obtained extensive training in over 40 cosmeceutical skincare lines. In 2018, Emily spearheaded skinfo® Specialty Skincare Boutique and Advanced Dermatology's clinical involvement with the Colorescience® Pep Up Concentrate Clinical Case Study. Additionally, she has attended numerous skincare product training courses and has obtained certifications from the following leading companies within the industry: Colorescience® (Finishing Touch Certification), hydrafacial® (hydrafacial® Treatment Certification and PerkTM Treatment Certification), Glo Skin Beauty® (Mineral Makeup Certification).

Having worked as a leader within the beauty and cosmetic industry for over a decade, Emily has absorbed a multitude of knowledge that she can share with her patients. Emily thoroughly enjoys the close connections she has established and has made it her priority to provide patients with extensive education as it relates to skin cancer prevention, healthy skincare habits, product ingredients, and the importance of combination therapies. Emily works to ensure her patients feel supported every step of the way whilst guiding them through their journey to accomplishing their individual skincare goals. It is Emily's firm belief that both medical and cosmetic treatments, when paired with excellent skincare habits, have a synergistic effect towards optimal treatment results and maintenance.

In addition to aesthetics and skincare, Emily is extremely passionate about advocacy for animals. Emily currently sits upon the Auxiliary Board of a 501c3 all-breed dog rescue located within the Chicagoland area. It is Emily's mission to promote humane treatment for all animals as well as educate the public about the circumstances in which animals are abused, neglected and mistreated. Emily continues to propose ways to improve conditions for these animals and educate the public about the proper care of animals. Lastly, as an advocate for Chicago dogs, Emily continuously fosters dog breeds of all kinds, who are rescued from the direst of situations.