Full Body Examination (Skin Cancer Screening)

Full body examinations are one of the most common and sought out procedures that are performed at Advanced Dermatology.  These consist of a thorough examination and documentation of every square inch of the body from toes to scalp, including dermatoscopic review when indicated.  Dermoscopy is the use of a highly magnified tool that helps us see further detail in a mole or other growth. The dermatoscope provides even more detail than what is possible with regular magnification.  Numerous publications support the use of dermatoscopes to assist in identifying abnormal lesions as early as possible.  During annual full body examinations or follow-up exams we are able to reference past diagrams to make sure that moles or other lesions have not changed, since change is also a concerning sign in a mole.  Unfortunately, skin cancer has been rapidly increasing in occurrence, yet early detection is often the key to determining the outcome.

"After a brush with two skin cancers, Dr. Taub remains my front line defense against an insidious disease. Her thorough examinations during my regular check ups are reassuring. I know that Dr. Taub will catch any development that I might miss. And she is there for any sudden changes!"

Watch this powerful video about melanoma and spreading the message to young adults who are about to turn 16 and all your loved ones who need education about skin cancer.


Body Check Visit (evaluation only) New Patient: $175
Body Check Visit (evaluation only) Established Patient: $115

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