Hemangiomas are proliferation of blood vessels.  Hemangiomas can come from genetics, sun exposure, trauma or for no apparent reason.  Small hemangioms called cherry angiomas are very common in the 5th decade and beyond, but they can also appear on a child's face.  These can be easily and successfully treated by either the VBeam Laser or the Vantage laser, both available at Advanced Dermatology.

 In babies we call them strawberry hemangiomas.  Although these can resolve spontaneously, when they involve the face or are very large on the body we treat with steroids, beta-blockers, and lasers. Recent research suggest treatment of these earlier in life results in a better long term outcome.  

Other hemangiomas are called port-wine stains.  These are more often broader patches and are flat or slightly raised and may be on a large area of skiin.  They can occur on the face, the arm, the leg and pretty much anywhere on the skin surface. With age, they can get darker or become bumpy.  Laser treatments are available for these and sometimes these treatments are covered by insurance.  It usually takes multiple treatments to improve them and it is not common to get them 100% treated, but their appearance can be significantly lessened.  The most common treatment is with the VBeam laser.