Redness & Acne

Many people with the redness of rosacea also break out with pimples. These are not thought to be due to the same kind of bacteria that cause acne, and are thought to  be due to inflammation, which may be caused by a bacteria that isn’t known.  Typically for this type of inflammatory acne rosacea we use prescription medications as these seem to work best for this condition.  Doxycycline, Oracea, and Minocycline are first line oral agents that can usually quickly control this condition.  Topical medications include Metronidazole Gel, Finacea Gel, and sodium sulfacetamide lotion, cream or foam.  Laser (VBeam) can also be helpful for this condition, as can Photodynamic Therapy, the latter especially for peope with oily skin and rosacea.