Port-wine stain birthmarks are vascular birthmarks, which can be disfiguring and most often appear in infancy or early childhood.

There are several port wine stain treatments.  The most common and effective is a laser treatment using a pulse dye laser.  The laser targets the vessels and over time and multiple treatments cause the birthmark to lighten and diminish in size.  Usually, a combination of different lasers is needed to significantly reduce the appearance of a port wine stain.  At Advanced Dermatology we have 3 vascular lesion lasers (VBeam pulsed dye, Vantage 1064 YAG, and Elight SRA IPL), that use different wavelengths to enhance our ability to improve the effectiveness of treatment.

Click to read an article from the New England Journal of Medicine about researches finding cause for Sturge – Weber Syndrome and Port Wine Stains:

Port Wine Stain

Before & After 3 Photorejuvenation Treatments for port wine stain with the GMax/PDL Lasers. 2.5 months post treatment. Photos courtesy of Advanced Dermatology, LLC. Results may vary.